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...and its going to be an EXTRAvaganza


LOCATION:  Held at the Museum of Woman | 17905 Sky Park Cir A, Irvine, CA 92614

PROMOTER:  Spiritual Living Expos ( or LivingX.LA (http://www.livingX.LA)

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Master Clairvoyant Christian Toren, aka "Nostradamus", delivers a spine-tingling prophesy to the spell-bound lecture crowd of an impending miracle for thier success in 30-days.  The personalized revelizations had to be delivered on this day, Oct 5th.2019.  Everyone hung on every word as the dazed look in their eyes turned to realization when the concept came together.


The Salons were Waiting-Room-Only.  Those in queue for Chris Valentine, aka "Bam Bam the Bone Reader" expressed the greatest angst, but there was no regret when the great sage went right to the heart of the matter.


Hannah d'Or, aka "Jeane Dixon" teaching the wisdom of the ancient psychic stones,  Her mystic hierloom crystal ball, handed down for 17 centuries, gave vision and sight to an age-group spanning 4 generations.  Demonstrations and realizations merged as insight was clearly established as a gift that benefits from the wisdom of the masters.


We had Mad Scientists, Elfin Queens, out of this world astrologers and great customers


Ava Parks walks our attending Elvin Goddess through the rituals of the Temple.  The power of Goddess-to-Goddess sent a sound wave through the facility - the peace, harmony, success and fulfillment that permeated the remainder of the day will go down as an everlasting memory of the great Psychic Salon event.


Chris Valentine aka "Bam Bam the Bone Reader" provide a full-day evolving "Craft Table" for our artists, and was richly decorated and appointed by the Museum's Goddess Ava Parks.  Every attention to detail ensured an audience truly enthralled by the experience at the Museum of Woman.




Hannah d'Or, aka "Jeane Dixon", drew a verital caravan to her bazzarr.  In true Trick or Treat spirit she handed out many gifts to everyone in attendance.



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Oct 5th, 2019



This will be a heavily advertised event    Expect high traffic throughout the day.


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