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JUL 6th, 2019 SAT - Irvine, CA  "Out of Africa" themed event

11am - 5pm

17905 Sky Park Circle #A Irvine, CA 92614



Stone tools fashioned by early humans up to 385,000 years ago in India could upend a common narrative about the origins of modern humans. The well-known “out of Africa” theory posits that homo sapiens, who originated in East Africa between 400,000 and 300,000 years ago, brought their advanced stone tools as they dispersed beyond Africa to Europe and Asia. However, using new infrared technology, archaeologist Shanti Pappu and her team analyzed stone tools discovered at Attirampakkam, a prehistoric site in south-east India, and dated the artefacts to between 385,000 and 172,000 years ago.
Their analysis, published in the latest edition of Nature, “challenges the view, backed by most researchers, that modern humans brought these technologies to India less than 140,000 years ago,” says Quartz. The findings open up several possible interpretations. One is that homo sapiens were migrating beyond East Africa hundreds of thousands of years earlier than previously thought.


Our artisans revisit the days of old …to bring you arts and crafts, remedies, and mystical teachings and methods that are Out of Africa.  Revisit your heritage for the first time and experience a new take on what it was like to live thousands of years ago.

Imagine a whole new color spectrum.  See patterns that invoke the ancient wisdom of Nature.  Wear the colors of the wind and rejuvenate from crystals and fittings based on cycles and energies.  The age of becoming should look becoming on you.  You need an adept of the old ways to guide you.

Our gifted mystics and artists, performers and purveyors transform the Museum of Women into a grand bazaar of a long-forgotten world, with their themed attire and presentations fit for ancient royalty.


In this world of Ascension, you can’t transform until you know where you came from.  Our craftsman will “re-imagine” you with new hair styles and accoutrements.  They will help you “rediscover” the power of eyes and lashes that were the famed feminine wiles that concurred the old world.  Finger nails were tools of the craft when they weren’t worn as proclamations.  Attire wasn’t mere clothing in the past, it defined you – it made a statement of identity.  Only in our magical, mystical museum can you uncover the real you and expose the color with original face painting and styling, ear jewelry, necklaces of quintessential forces, flowing silks from the seven winds, and dangling magical beads and feathers that made us identifiable and purposeful beings of History.

The Tools of Old create portals of beauty and experience in the hands of our gifted artisans, crafters, and transcendent mystics.


Relax to ancient beverages and treats provided by the museum itself and sounder out to the performance grounds for dancers, hopefully an exotic animal or two, jugglers and performers.

In conjunction with our event we are bringing in more and more animals for our animal rescue charity.  Take home a piece of the memory.


© 2019 Christian Toren, Spiritual Wellness Expos Inc.


Expo door price is $7.

You can get your ENTRY TICKET online, here. Or, pay at the door.

You can review the physical Venue location and particulars on the VENUES page.

25 Vendors, Healers, Readers/Psychics/Mediums and Clairvoyants. Where possible the vendors will provide their goods and services in a way that contributes to the event theme - so you can surely pick up your headband, wand, bracelets, necklaces and the Crown Jewels themselves at the vendor booths. Learn your future, and demand the soothing therapies that befit a goddess while at the event. There is a full day of activities that await you.


Vendor Inquiries

See Current Vendor List

Please visit the VENDORS page to review Registration requirements and the Show and Booth selection options.

  • 17905 Sky Park Circle #A Irvine, CA 92614
  • 28 Reader/Booths/Private rooms - most booths are outside.
  • Reader areas 250 attendees
  • Set-up from 9am - 10:45am
  • Show hours 11am - 5pm
  • Free parking
  • The Museum will be offering bar services, for a charge.



Vendors should look at the accompanying CONCEPTS page for this Event to guide you in re-imagining your own services and boutiques.  Please write us at if you select one of our booth themes so we can properly promote you in the show handout.  You can also indicate if you have your own name and concept that you will be displaying at your booth.  The promoter (Spiritual Wellness Expos) is intending to directly guide patrons to your shoppe to get decked out from head to toe, re-energized, and spiritually attuned so they can immerse themselves into the day-long “Destination” event.  If you have a “special” themed offering that would steer the caravan your way, let us know that too so we can consider it for the Guide.




Spiriutal Living Expos Inc is the Promoter of this 2019 Goddess Coronation themed "Wellness" for-profit event. This is a paid-for venue, and Spiritual Living Expos Inc hold sole responsibility for the content and context of the wellness, metaphysical, psychic event, their Readers and Vendors, the "expression" of the event, and the partrons of the Readers and Vendors. The Expo charges a door charge for access to this wellness Event.

The Museum of Women is not attached to Spiritual Living Expos, the museum is simply where the physical event is being held. The museum will be providing Rose Water and Lemon water as a courtesy to visitors to the museum. They will be hosting their own liquor and beverage bar, though patrons of the Expo are welcome to partake. Proceeds and operation of the beverage offerings and service is exclusive to the Museum of Women. They are also offering tours of the museum to those visitors to the museum who desire one. To better accomodate the private spiritual offerings of the Museum of Women, and also those of the one-day expo held on thier premises coinciding on the Mar 23rd, 2019 date, they may at their choosing hold a Goddess nomination, and coronation ceremony.