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Expo door price is $7.

You can get your ENTRY TICKET online, here. Or, pay at the door.

You can review the physical Venue location and particulars on the VENUES page.

25 Vendors, Healers, Readers/Psychics/Mediums and Clairvoyants. Where possible the vendors will provide their goods and services in a way that contributes to the event theme - so you can surely pick up your headband, wand, bracelets, necklaces and the Crown Jewels themselves at the vendor booths. Learn your future, and demand the soothing therapies that befit a goddess while at the event. There is a full day of activities that await you.


Vendor Inquiries


Please visit the VENDORS page to review Registration requirements and the Show and Booth selection options.

  • 28 Reader/Booths/Private rooms - most booths are outside.
  • Reader areas 250 attendees
  • Set-up from 9am - 10:45am
  • Show hours 11am - 5pm
  • Free parking
  • The Museum will be offering bar services, for a charge.



Please write us at if you select one of our booth themes so we can properly promote you in the show handout.  You can also indicate if you have your own name and concept that you will be displaying at your booth.  The promoter (Spiritual Wellness Expos) is intending to directly guide patrons to your shoppe to get decked out from head to toe, re-energized, and spiritually attuned so they can immerse themselves into the day-long “Destination” event.  If you have a “special” themed offering that would steer the caravan your way, let us know that too so we can consider it for the Guide.